Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 3 -

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Title: Erotic Ninja: The Hitman 3 -
Description: Our mysterious masked man helps himself to Dai, a hot twink. As the masked man works on his dick, the camera zooms in and we see a happy trail leading to what can only be a happy ending. In this "Erotic Ninja 1 The Hitman #3" video, we learn that a masked man actually creates bumps in the night. Once the masked man is done licking Daiís dick through his underwear, he takes them off and ravishes, dick to lips. The boy's cut cock is a sweet treat for this masked man. He lifts up the twink's legs, and licks his way down from cock to balls and sweet hole. Once the man massages Dai's ass, he then enters with a finger, then two, then pumps the boy's ass with three fingers and the boy responds, well. He then gets out an anal stimulator and finds the boys sweet spot as the camera zooms in and we see the boys taint swell and balls twitch. The two suck one another and breathe heavily. Dai brings the masked man up fully; he also spreads his ass for the camera so we may see fully the hole to be entered. Repositioning the boy, the masked man takes Dai from behind and thrusts fully. The twink tugs at himself feverishly as he then brings himself to full climax, exploding white cream all over. The masked man continues for just a moment before he blows on the boy's back; dollops of white cream pool on Dai's welcoming spine. Download the full HD video at
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